3D and Virtual Reality Photography

Using cutting edge 3D scanning technology with the Pro2 camera, combined with laser-accurate floor plans, magazine quality photos, and your choice of interactive platforms, We are able to take your retail, commercial, or residential space and into the virtual world.

Further features and benefits of our Virtual Tour service include:

All photographic imagery is blended from multiple exposures (a technique called High Dynamic Range imaging) which retains detail in both very bright and very dark areas, guaranteeing a more natural look and feel to the panoramas.

Tours are optimised for viewing on any device — be it a computer, tablet or smartphone web-browser.

Tours can be viewed offline on tablets or smartphones which do not have an internet connection (eg. interactive exhibits in a museum or historic house).

Information pops can be used to display video, audio, photos and text content to further enhance the interactivity of the tours.

Virtual Tours offer an immersive and interactive way for your clients to walk around your site from the comfort and convenience of their computer, tablet or smartphone.

So whether you own a hotel, leisure centre, bed and breakfast, museum or other tourist attraction, consider taking advantage of our state-of-the-art Virtual Tour technology and take your visitor experience to a new level.

Contact us today to see how we can bring the commercial advantages of Virtual Tours to your business.