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Local Businesses need a video marketing strategy — this idea isn’t new. What has changed is how important video has become on every platform and channel.

Video needs to play a central role in your outreach and campaign efforts, so get in touch with us today and let Camberley Net do your marketing for you.

Ascot Brewing Company Eat Out To Help Out Scheme

This week at the Ascot Brewing Campany Jenny and Roger find out more details on that pizza deals which is the government eat out help out scheme, we have music from the lovely Mandy Dingley and her husband. Ascot Brewing Campany is an amazing place...

Sweet Dreams & Roses by Victoria BeeBee

Victoria BeeBee amazing singer and songwriter pop down to the rainbow Cafe in Camberley and recorded a podcast with us singing two fantastic songs. So if you’d like to listen to the other song she did for us at the Rainbow Cafe, please do check...

Hollywood Drive in Cinema Camberley

Surrey & North East Hampshire’s very own socially distant drive-in cinema experience! Viewings under the stars, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Our showings take place at Camberley Town Football Club. We want to thank the authorities for allowing this to happen, Surrey Police & Surrey Heath...

The Massage Company is Back

Jenny finds out when there re-opening and how the members can still use their voucher. It's great to see The Massage Company back open for all to enjoy a good relaxing massage in Camberley.

Light up your light with Illuminations of Camberley

Illuminations Of Camberley is a shop that really represents the best of Camberley’s community support, they have been established for over 40 years and are still going strong into 2020! We are very happy and excited that there are back and open for business and...

Sorelles bar Restaurant Camberley Opening

From the get-go when walking into Sorelle's Bar you are thrown into a Gatsby-esque world of glitz, glamour. We were very excited to get a sneak peek into the amazing new cocktail and Indian tapas bar that is officially opening this Friday! Every box ticked when...

Weekly Experience – Our first live Stream

So here we go, Camberley Net takes a big step forward this week to launch its first Weekly Experience show as a live Stream/podcast from High Cross. Neil and Gem are joined by Mike to discuss how Surrey Heath Prepared is being wound up....

Neil and Mike this week talking about Carers Week

Neil and Mike start by talking and discussing Carers and how they have managed through the past few months with some having to make hard discussions about whether to live in or stay away due to the fear of contracting the coronavirus. Mikes question this...

Camberley PodCast with SurreyHeath Prepared

Today Neil is doing a PodCast with Mike at SurreyHeath Prepared, this will be a weekly update and we include some fun bits at the end.

Camberley Arena Demolition Time-Lapse 2019

Time-lapse of the Old Camberley Arena coming down and soon to be a new centre, Places Leisure Camberley
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