The Weekly Show Camberley – Episode 6

Today Neil and Jenny have been exploring Lakeside and found themselves in The Beepys Night Club. The show starts off with discussing the week and discussing Neils Techno phobia of how to operate his new phone. The Dynamic Duo are then joined on the sofa by...

The Weekly Show Episode 5

This week we were on Councillors Sarah Crokes Sofa, discussing Frimley and what she is hoping to achieve over the next year. As always Sarah has big plans of which some we couldn’t really discuss on air due to the fact they are still...

The Weekly Show Episode 4

On another packed show which was filmed at Gravity Force, both Neil and Jenny, who has returned from her networking tour, start by going through the local events around the local area, which if you have an event we can add to this section. The...

The Weekly Show Episode 3

We can’t believe it!!!! Here is episode 3 already……. Today we celebrate our long-standing presenter, Neil’s 50th birthday and get to find out what is happening at Camberley Theatre. Due to Jenny being on a networking tour of the North our guest presenter today is...

The Weekly Show Episode 2

Find out what going on in and around Camberley this week! Big thank you to Ascot Brewing Company Camberley

Weekly Show – Episode 1

Weekly Show start off on the sofa with Supermum Ironing Services. Household tasks can seem overwhelming when you’re busy, so let me help with your weekly ironing. I'm offering a fast efficient ironing service! I offer a comprehensive service for all the family's clothes and...

Christmas Special Weekly Show

This week we talking more about Christmas what on over the Christmas period, we have two special guest and a few song for you.

Weekly Show – Talking about Christmas

We talking about Christmas and what's coming up in and around Camberley over the next few weeks.
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