We’re one of the leading independent bakers in Surrey and Hampshire for one reason – and it’s all in our name: Good Taste.

You can trust us to deliver good taste, good quality, good value – and good service.

Let’s be honest: bread, buns, cakes and savouries are not the healthiest eating choices, but they are among the most enjoyable!

So we promise that if you choose Good Taste you can be sure it’ll be worth the calories.
We promise good taste, good ingredients – realistically healthy – and always good value because we believe in fair pricing.

What’s more, every single item we produce is literally made by hand. We have all the technology, yet are proud to be “artisan” bakers.

We have a great team of skilled bakers, confectioners and pastry chefs making consistently great products as well as having a Master Baker as our leader.

You can take the Good Taste Test at our bakery shops, bakery-cafés and at the many local stores, hotels, garden centres, hospitals and restaurants that believe we are the best bakers in Surrey and Hampshire.