A good hat can truly elevate your look


A good hat can truly elevate your look, helping to pull an outfit together, as well as providing warmth in winter. Today I would normally be at Royal Ascot for Ladies Day, and I love any excuse to wear a good hat or fascinator.

The key to finding the hat which suits you best is to consider what works with the proportions of your face.

Just as you might think about what to wear to suit your body if you are a pear shape, an hourglass or an apple, you need to find a hat which works with, and not against, the proportions of your face.

  1. Hats for the round face shape
    The goal if you have a round face is to add some height to your face! Try on high-brimmed fedora or a trilby. You probably want to avoid anything which sits too low over your forehead as you’ll simply emphasize the round shape of your face.
  2. Hats for the square face shape, you should choose a hat that softens your face. Look for floppier styles such as cloches, bucket styles or bowler hats. These will add roundness to your face shape. Beanies and berets could also be great options for you!
  3. Hats for the oval face shape
    Lucky you, you can probably pull off any hat style if you have an oval face. You don’t need to worry about balancing out square shapes or roundness, so you can look at trying out some fashion forward styles. Play around. Try every hat style you can. You can wear anything and any type of headwear goes!
  4. Hats for the oval face shape
    If you have a heart-shaped face, you will also look good in lots of hat styles. If you do want to balance out a wider forehead and a narrow chin, then you will want to avoid wide-brimmed styles, which will emphasize the triangular shape of your face.
    Instead, you could try bucket hats or cloches. You will also look great in baseball caps if you’re going for a casual look!
  5. Hats for the rectangle face shape
    If you have an oblong or a rectangular face, then you’ll want to look for styles which have a shorter brim, so you don’t add any extra, unwanted height to your face. Choosing styles which sit across your forehead can help to create balance.

Happy Shopping!