On the evening of 16th January we met with the 4 Charities we supported at Christmas 2019 and presented them with their cheques.

Our Chairman, Sashi Mylvaganam presented the cheques, each for £1936.6, to Trudie Waite of Surrey Young Carers, Lucy Brown of Disability Initiative, Mags Mercer of the Hope Hub, and Kate Sawdy of the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Camberley 41 Club, Christmas Santa Float Appeal.

Because the facts are rarely published, only a few residents in Surrey Heath are aware that there are many hundreds of people in our Borough, who desperately need care and assistance. There are a significant and growing number of Homeless people, living on the streets often only due to adverse circumstances not of their making. There are well over a hundred people with severe, multiple disabilities, who need daily care and therapy. It’s hard to believe that there are also close to a hundred young people in our Borough, under the age of 18 years old, who are the designated principal carer for an adult relative. They lose out on friendships and schooling as their caring task takes many hours a day. Then there are all the rest of us who may need advice and guidance to help us resolve a whole range of problems from debt, legal challenges, relationship issues, addiction and so on.

That is why, every year Camberley 41 Club, rolls out it’s Santa Float and collects as much money as possible from the generous residents of Surrey Heath. Over Christmas 2019 we collected £7746.44, and all of it was divided equally between four, small local charities, who today received cheques for £1936.61 each.

The recipients were –

  • The Hope Hub – working to assist the homeless of Surrey Heath to re-find permanent accommodation, jobs and self-sufficiency.
  • Disability Initiative – providing daily care and therapy to over 70 people a week.
  • Surrey Heath Young Carers – providing support, therapy, respite and educational support to young carers.
  • Camberley Citizens Advice Bureau – daily providing free advice and counselling across a wide range of problems to hundreds of local people every year.