“The police caught them in the act of doing it and chased them from the scene dragging the cash point down the road,” said one resident describing the Camberley Co-op raid”

I just been down the Frimley Road and the cash point machine is still on the Frimley Road right by the Lights and police car has corner this part of the road off.

Photo Taken back in 2014

So if you traveling around town today try to avoid the Frimley Road as little traffic building up on the London Road.

I just been past the scene the cash machine as been rip out of the shop window and drag along the road, I did hear some shouting last night around midnight as I don’t live far from the Frimley Road, I took this as pub closing and few drunk men on they way home.

It is believed that the suspects were caught “in the act” and chased by police “dragging the cash point” down the road.

The cash machine was later discovered around the corner by a passer-by, however it is not clear if any arrests were made.

More details on this story and images from the raid can be found on Get Surrey Website.




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