We are delighted to announce that Conquest Consultancy is now ”carbon negative”. In understanding the climate emergency we are now facing as a global community, they have decided to offset their carbon emissions and have successfully reduced their carbon footprint so that they take more carbon from the atmosphere than they emit.

To compensate their carbon emissions, Conquest is funding the planting of native broad-leaved trees in the Great Rift Valley area to the north of Nairobi in Kenya.

Conquest Consultancy Managing Director Dan Adams said the company’s philosophy of “quality, integrity and sustainability” led it to approach carbon solutions provider Carbon Footprint.

The Surrey-based company’s carbon footprint was automatically calculated using DEFRA, along with other internationally recognised metrics. The emissions associated with Conquest’s day to day operations were identified and calculated. Office costs, car mileage and air travel were among the components measured.

This move to eliminating their carbon footprint aligns with the UK government’s push for businesses to adopt environmentally friendly practices following the declaration a climate emergency in 2019.

Dan continued “Climate change is the most urgent topic of our time. We are in a now-or-never situation, which requires us to take immediate action. As Conquest continues to grow, we feel it is our responsibility to commit to protect the environment and fight the climate crisis.”