The SHBC Community Services team helped celebrate a very special 100th birthday for one of their valued residents last week.

Windle Valley Centre regular Maud Vickery reached this fantastic milestone on 3 February 2020.

The Community Services team presented Mrs Vickery with a bouquet to mark the occasion at a birthday party with family and friends held at the weekend.

A celebration was also held at the Windle Valley Saturday Club in Bagshot, where fellow attendees sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and cake was in plentiful supply!

And the Windle Valley Centre team also held their own birthday lunch for Mrs Vickery on Monday, with even more singing, balloons and cake.

SHBC Community Services Operations Manager, Aline Poulter said: “Maud is a wonderful lady who still lives at home and is very independent.

“She loves dancing, always joins in with the exercise classes, has a really fun sense of humour and is a stickler for good manners.

“Mrs Vickery has made use of a variety of SHBC Community Services over many years, including having a community alarm, attending both the Saturday Club and Windle Valley Centre, and using our Community Transport service too. We are so pleased our services help Maud to be independent and that she can enjoy her many activities.”

Mrs Vickery said: “Thank you to the Council for the lovely flowers which I received at my surprise party arranged by my family. I’d also like to thank both the Saturday Club and Windle Valley for the celebrations they gave me, they made me feel very special.”

Mrs Vickery’s daughter Linda Wildsmith said: “The Community Transport means that Mum gets out regularly and sees lots of different friends including those at Windle Valley and the Saturday Club. Mum is always ready and waiting for the bus as she enjoys these trips so much! The community alarm gives the whole family peace of mind when she’s at home, knowing help is there if needed.”

The Windle Valley Centre in Bagshot is open each weekday, and offers a range of activities and services for older residents of the borough.

The Saturday Club at the Centre offers residents, carers and the cared-for a chance to relax and enjoy themselves through interaction and entertainment, and is also dementia-friendly.

Community alarm and telecare sensors provide emergency assistance, support and reassurance to you and your loved ones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service works by linking an alarm unit via your telephone line.

When activated, the alarm or sensor will alert the 24 hour Monitoring Centre, whose operators will establish what assistance, if any, is required. If necessary, they will arrange support either by contacting your nominated responders or the emergency services.
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