Today I had the chance to meet a beautiful and very inspirational young girl called Chloe. 

We got to chat a little about her past struggles with mental health and anxiety growing up in a picture-perfect world. We also got the chance to reflect in how far she has come in her personal journey, from being anxious in rooms full of people to coming onto our show and telling her story, you would have never known she struggled so much in the past.

It got me thinking, if two girls who have never met can relate to each other’s stories so much, it can’t just be us! I encourage every girl/women out there to take a moment to reflect on how far you have come in your personal journey and be PROUD of yourself and who you are!

If you feel you have a lot of journeys left to do then take some time to think about what you’re passionate about and if there if anything you have wanted to try or get into, there is no time like the present and do it for you, not for anyone else!

Written by Gemma Cooper