The Mayor of Surrey Heath, Cllr Dan Adams, visited a very special birthday party yesterday for 109-year-old Mrs Ethel Caterham.

Cllr Adams said: “Mrs Caterham is an incredible lady who still lives at home with her daughter. She enjoys keeping up to date with the news by reading the paper daily and loves spending time with her family. I asked what her secret was but she wouldn’t give any secrets away!”

Mrs Caterham, who we believe is the oldest person living in Surrey Heath, celebrated her birthday with her family. She lives with her daughter, Ann Gaisford.

Mrs Gaisford said: “It’s a lovely gesture from the Mayor and the Council to mark my mother’s birthday in this way.

“My mother is in remarkable health for 109 – her eyesight and hearing aren’t so good, but she can still get up and down the stairs!”

Mrs Caterham has had a Community Alarm from SHBC Community Services since 2012.

“The alarm has been a great reassurance to both of us, especially at night,” said Mrs Gaisford. “If she were to have a fall, for example, if I was in another part of the house I might not know about it, so it gives us peace of mind.”

Community alarm and telecare sensors provide emergency assistance, support and reassurance to you and your loved ones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service works by linking an alarm unit via your telephone line.

When activated, the alarm or sensor will alert the 24 hour Monitoring Centre, whose operators will establish what assistance, if any, is required. If necessary, they will arrange support either by contacting your nominated responders or the emergency services.

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