Councillor Robin Perry was chosen as the 47th Mayor of Surrey Heath at the Annual Meeting of Surrey Heath Borough Council yesterday (Wed 15 May).

Cllr Perry has been a councillor for Town ward since 2015, and was last year’s Deputy Mayor.

At the Mayor-making ceremony, Cllr Perry was sworn in as Mayor of Surrey Heath for the forthcoming year, receiving the Mayoral robe and chain of office.

Cllr Perry succeeds the previous Surrey Heath Mayor, Cllr Dan Adams.

Cllr Valerie White, who represents Bagshot ward, was elected Deputy Mayor.

Cllr Perry has spent most of his life in Camberley. He has built several successful businesses including a bakery, a chain of 25 Freezer Fare stores, County Kitchens, and various software businesses.

In recent years he ran a team of small business advisors for Business Link, and acted as an Independent Non-Executive Director for a number of businesses. He has for many years been an active member of the fundraising charity Round Table 41 Club, served as a trustee for various local charities and chaired the Board of Governors for a federation of local schools.

Cllr Perry was married to his wife Helga for 49 years until her death in 2013, and has two sons and six grandchildren. He now shares his life with his partner Jill, who will accompany him throughout his Mayoral year.

Since his election in 2015, Cllr Perry has served on various committees including  Performance and Finance, Planning, and was Chairman of the External Partnerships committee for 2017-18. He is also the Borough’s representative on the Board of Citizens Advice Surrey Heath and the Frimley Fuel Allotments charity.

During his Mayoral year, Cllr Perry intends use his ambassadorial role to boost the creation of more active community involvement opportunities including volunteering and the support of our many local charities.

Cllr Perry said: “It is with great pride that I take up this mantle as the 47th Mayor of Surrey Heath.

“I am extremely proud to represent our Borough, and I believe that greater community involvement linked to the many exciting developments being progressed by the Council will combine to reward us all with an even greater sense of pride in our Borough.”

Mayor of Surrey Heath Cllr Robin Perry with the Mayoress, Jill Boxall

Cllr Perry has chosen four charities to support during the year – all are local and special to Surrey Heath:

• The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Trust – who together with Macmillan Nurses provide a brilliant service to thousands of local people at the end of their lives. Cllr Perry’s wife was cared for at home by the Trust in her final days.

• Surrey Young Carers – it is estimated that as many as one in 12 children are acting as the main family carer. Sometimes up to 50 hours a week are spent cleaning, shopping and washing etc. in addition to coping with school and other activities. The charity provides support, advice and respite.

• Frimley and Camberley Cadet Corps – one of our oldest local charities, 111 years old and still going strong! Children aged 6-18 enjoy leaning the basic disciplines and activities that will serve them well as they grow up. The Mayor was an active member as a teenager.

• Surrey Heath Tree Wardens – a growing group of volunteers who work to protect trees and other green spaces available to the public locally. They have already transformed and revitalized several areas of local woodland that had become overgrown and inaccessible, making them a joy for members of our community to visit and much better environments for local wildlife.

Outgoing Mayor Cllr Dan Adams said: “It’s been an honour and a privilege to serve the people of Surrey Heath over the past year.

“I’ve been amazed at the experiences I’ve had, the wonderful people I’ve met and the fantastic welcome I’ve received at the many and varied events that I’ve attended.

“Thanks again Surrey Heath, you’ve been amazing!

“I’d like to wish Cllr Perry all the best for the Mayoral year to come.”

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Cllr Robin Perry, Mayor of Surrey Heath