There has been a school crossing patrol or ‘lollipop lady’ on the very busy Upper Chobham Road outside Ravenscote Junior School intermittently, we now have no crossing patrol and it’s proving difficult to fill because it’s a very dangerous road.

There is no pedestrian or pelican crossing anywhere along this road, so the lollipop lady has been the sole method of ensuring safe passage across the road for hundreds of children of all ages every day.

This 30mph road is extremely busy, especially at times of morning and afternoon school runs and visibility is poor due to many cars parked along the road.

Since the start of term (SEP18) there has been many car accidents, one resulting in a parent needing A&E attention.

Requested Action

We, the undersigned, do hereby request that a pelican or zebra crossing is installed on the Upper Chobham Road outside Ravenscote Junior School as soon as possible.

The Council understandably has to make cut-backs, but we urge that these are not carried out to the exclusion of our children’s safety.

We are very worried that it will take the injury or even death of a child, before our concerns are heeded.

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