After a little waiting I finally have got to see the Tape Face touring show at my local theatre. Having only seen him perform on Americas Got Talent, I was wondering how the show would work in a smaller theatre.

Having got to the theatre my wife and I bought a couple of drinks and sat waiting for the doors to open. The audience was very mixed from children to mature adults all discussing about what was going to be in the show.

Finally, the doors opened and we all filed into the auditorium. Walking in the curtains where open and the stage was set for the Tape Face show.

Before the show started, we were all warned that this show would feature a lot of audience participation, it was at this point we were glad to have tickets in the middle of the seating row.

The show was unbelievable, being a fan of old fashion style variety, this show ticks all the boxes mixing mime with pre-recorded tracks and sound FX. As well as the sound, I have to mention the amazing lighting and FX which gave the show a multi-dimensional effect.

I do have to mention the sound and lighting techs as they worked so hard during this show.

Tape Face spent a lot of time putting his show together not only technically but also the content. The comedy was non-stop, with running jokes throughout the 60-minute show and anyone taken up onto the stage was put at their ease straight away.

To finish, all I can say is if you get the chance to see Tape Face then do, you will not be disappointed.

Neil Braybrooke-Tidy