The Hats Panto performed yet another outstanding pantomime at High Cross Church in February 2020. Why outstanding? The answer being the intimacy of a small setting bringing the pantomime to life in the crowd itself. Gags there were many, oh yes there were haha. They were funny. The Music reached all, singalong style of course new and old blockbuster hits some with unheard re written verses that had a local flavour.

A superb fundraiser for charitable causes, it was an utter delight to be in the crowd watching. The characters sprang to life and into the audience at times. My partner even had a pantomime dame sitting on his lap at one stage. Oh yes he did. She was behind us, and that was the great win, The Dame a relative of Tinkerbell in this sequel to Peter Pan was everywhere. Very funny, Hook was as horrible as we wanted him to be. Wendy had the voice of an angel. It was all very believable. Peter Pan had lost his shadow and was reunited with it by the help of his friends. Triumph of good against evil.

Hook once again put in his place. Every character bought something to the party, awesome pirates, lost boys and Tiger lilly.

Will I go back next year…….. of course, I’m hooked!