Im a Personal Stylist & Image Expert based in Eversley, Hampshire. I trained at The London College of Fashion, Colour Me Beautiful in London and more recently the NHJ Style Academy (10 Yrs Younger – Nicky Hambleton Jones).

As a personal stylist, I find the psychology of dressing a fascinating subject. It’s not just the look of your clothes which affect the way people respond to you, it’s about the positive reaction you can have in your confidence and approach to life. And this comes from looking and feeling good.

Over the years there’s been a great deal of research on the subject, for example it’s said that

  • Choosing the right clothes can reduce depression and anxiety
  • Those dressing “like a boss” are more likely to be appointed and quicker to be promoted
  • And that wearing the right coloured outfit can hugely influence an athlete’s level of success

I often get told “I have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear”, “nothing in my wardrobe fits me anymore”, “I hate looking in the mirror” or “I dont even know what my style is anymore”. Changes in our life can greatly impact our confidence and the way we feel about ourself, I want to change those thoughts into positives.

My focus is on helping individuals with their confidence and refinement rather than fast-fashion and making people look perfect. When feeling and looking good can have such a positive impact, it’s a shame that sometimes my job is regarded as a bit frivolous or vain. Not the case at all! My aim is to help you identify and better your personal style, hence feel better about yourself – I want all of my clients to confidently embrace

  • A new stage in life
  • A change of direction
  • A move to the next level or just feel better about themselves.

Shall we make a start?

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