Hi, I’m Kate, a virtual personal assistant, an organisation addict and an excel spreadsheet obsessive! I help business professionals, from social media megastars to blue-chip company CEOs, to live a more stress-free life through the art of organisation so that they can focus on the big picture of their brand.

My work experience varies from leading an admin team at a global car rental company, to retail and being a personal assistant to some of the biggest names in the events industry (Even cleaning out the chip fryer at McDonald’s). You name it; I’ve done it!

Throughout these experiences I’ve learnt that the impact organisation has on your business is paramount and that it is vital to have visionaries in the industry building the big picture of the brand. Hence why I offer my service in a support role – to help you dream and do big!

I aim to provide outstanding value in all the content I create. Whether that be through; my blog, IGTV or my website. So stick around and see what Kate Monday can do for you!

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