We would like to find out whether people receiving care at home have a voice. We’re currently gathering experiences from paid carers and feedback from people who receive paid-for care in their own home.We’re especially interested in people who receive daily visits and people whose care is funded by Surrey County Council (SCC).

  •     We’d like to have a 30-45 minute chat, ideally in your own home, with one of our experienced and DBS checked staff.
  •      If you can’t talk to us yourself then we’re happy to talk to a partner, family member or whoever is most closely involved with your care.
  •    All information shared with us will be anonymised.
  •    Everyone we interview will receive a £30 thank you gift

If you receive paid-for care at home and would like to share your experiences or feedback (good or bad), please get in touch with us. If you know someone receiving paid-for care in their own home who might be interested in sharing their experiences, please let us know Email: research@healthwatchsurrey.co.uk Phone: 01483 572 790