Join us for the 41st Frimley Green Carnival; enjoy our traditional procession, set to the theme “World of Discovery”, as well as an entertaining Arena line up with lots of family fun and enjoyment.

For the first time in many years we would like to enter the Frimley Green Carnival on Sunday 9th July 2017. This is a wonderful community event and a lovely way to show the spirit of our school to everyone.

The theme is ‘World of Discovery’ and our topic will be ‘Space – the Frimley Frontier’

In the first instance we need to gauge interest for this project so please fill in the slip at the bottom of the letter and return to school as soon as possible. Important: If you would like your child(ren) to be involved with the procession, then you must accompany and supervise them on the day.

We need as many parents and children to be involved as possible – from building bits to go on the float, painting, crafts etc. to taking part in the actual Carnival. We really would appreciate a dedicated team to help us see this project through, from the beginning to the end on Carnival day.

If you are unable to commit, we will also be asking for donations of all sorts of items, wood/paint/paper/shiny material etc. so you may be able to assist us in that way.

Do you work for a local firm? Do you think that they may be willing to sponsor us for this event? If so, please let us know.

We are all excited about this event and would love everyone to play a part – no matter how big or small your involvement would be.