The Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) Revenues and Benefits Service is committed to a proactive approach in preventing and reducing the risks associated with Council Tax fraud.

Statutory powers already exist which allow the Council to impose civil penalties where people fail to notify us of a change in circumstances promptly, or provide inaccurate information. From 1 April 2019, these powers will be used.

Whilst we recognise that the majority of our residents claiming discount or exemption in respect of their Council Tax keep the Revenues Team informed of changes, some do not.

A civil penalty of £70 can be imposed in cases where a resident fails, without a reasonable excuse, to supply information (or negligently supplies incorrect information).

Where a £70 penalty has been imposed and a further request to supply information is made, additional penalties of £280 may be imposed for each subsequent failure to provide the requested information.

For a limited time, to 30 April 2019, there is the chance for those who are not entitled to a discount or exemption to cancel their claim with no further questions asked.

Claims can be cancelled by sending an email with the subject ‘Civil Penalty Amnesty’ to or by calling 01276 707100.