The Square Camberley is proud to be supporting ‘Purple Tuesday’, the UK’s first ever-accessible shopping day.

Backed by the government, Purple Tuesday takes place on 13th November with the aim to get retailers to take all kinds of disability seriously.

In supporting Purple Tuesday, The Square has updated their disabled toilet sign to a “Grace’s sign”, a unique and thoughtful toilet sign which asks people to recognise that not all disabilities are visible.

Grace Warnock aged 12, has Crohn’s disease – an inflammatory bowel disease you can’t see from the outside. After facing continuous criticism for using disabled toilets, at age 10 Grace created “Grace’s sign”, a bathroom sign that includes both a person in a wheelchair and a standing person with a heart, symbolizing people with invisible conditions.

The Square has been highlighting the initiatives of Purple Tuesday among its retailers, alongside suggesting new measures stores can make to ensure shopping experiences are more inclusive for customers who have both physical and hidden disabilities.

The Square provides free wheelchairs for customers and on Purple Tuesday will have two dedicated staff to assist shoppers all day.

Purple Tuesday is being held in November ahead of the Christmas shopping period when busy stores, overloaded with stock can make shopping particularly difficult for those with disabilities.

Joana Santos, Marketing Manager at The Square Camberley, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting Purple Tuesday and believe shopping should be a pleasant experience for everyone.”