Bullet Bounce at Gravity Force Camberley


Bullet Bounce was created by master personal trainer Jason Bull and Dr Lauren Bull from @BulletFitness, a well-established health and fitness company with a reputation for excellence and providing highly qualified trainers/teachers in a diverse range of disciplines. Bullet Fitness was developed in 2006 initially as a fitness service catering to the needs of members of the entertainment industry.

Pop stars, actors, dancers and up-and-coming artists have all benefitted from our expertise to make them fit, toned and fabulous for their careers.

Since this time our focus and passion is bringing health and fitness to everyone, regardless of their age, ability or background. In today’s society, we are bombarded with images, articles, blogs and ideas of what exercise, health and fitness are supposed to “look” like, with far too much focus on appearance over function. Our primary objective is to equip you with the skills, knowledge and passion for you to develop the healthiest version of yourself -for life!

We are available to train you/your group in our private gym, your own home or outside and we also offer extremely popular corporate packages to train multiple employees. As well as expertise with a plethora of equipment for personal and group training we also offer Yoga, Pilates, pre and post-natal training as well as meditation.

Bullet Bounce® was created in 2014 by Jason Bull and Dr Lauren Bull from Bullet Fitness®. Initially known as “Jump Revolution,” this new genre of fitness class was designed to coincide with the opening of the first trampoline park in the UK. Bullet Bounce continues to be the most popular fitness class within trampoline parks thanks to our truly unique, effective and fun product.

Our classes are a fusion of rebounding, dancing, aerobics, martial arts, yoga and Pilates, all choreographed to dance/rave/hip hop music, providing an unparalleled workout. The class takes advantage of the trampoline’s low impact surface and unique ability to increase intensity that is all under your control. This means it’s perfect for people who are new to exercise right through to elite athletes.

Our classes have diverse appeal with men and women for 16 to 70+ years attending, we also provide teen and family sessions as well as HIIT and Bootcamp variants of the class. The benefits of trampoline based exercise are well evidenced with improvements in lymphatic system drainage, bone density and balance as well as the more obvious benefits on cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

On top of all this, however; is the overwhelming advantage of our class, as evidenced by the masses of avid fans, is that it is FUN!