3 Dates left for the Collectively Camberley Farmers & Artisan Market 19th October, 16th November and the last one 21st December.

19 October to 3 November Camberley’s Halloween Haunt!

Only 3 more dates left for Camberley Chiropractic Clinic Health Talk

30 October, 26 November and last one on 18 December

offer all patients and friends, family a FREE monthly health talk.

From the 7th November to 9 November Camberley Food and Drink Festival

Starting from 23 November Winter Wonderland Christmas Parties at Pine Ridge Golf Club

12 October Creative Story-time with the Square Camberley

And don’t forget there a film Night Aladdin with St Martin’s Camberley

The international duo Dave Peabody and Regina Mudrich are back at The Cabin once more! On the 13th October.

Gravity Force Camberley has a 2 hour Baby and child first aid Class on the 19th October.

Camberley Net has so many event list now on our Facebook page, please pop over and a take a look, it gets updated daily.

If you have an event and like us to give it a shout out then add Camberley Net as one of you co-host and this will be automatically added to our events pages and the next video update I will give mention.

Our website is update daily with news , events and interviews so when you have spare minutes please check it out , our website details on screen now.

We are launching a brand new website Called Camberley Creative Hub more details coming….