Health Coach and Plant Based Chef


I am a Health Coach and Plant-Based Chef. I work with people who are fed up with dieting and I help them to build healthy habits so that they do not have to diet ever again.

How often have you told yourself that you are fed up with dieting, deprivation and constant weight fluctuations? How often have you started a plan but was not able to finish it as life got in the way? I have been there also managing my long life illness – type 1 diabetes I knew I had to change something. I did not want to be on statins to manage my cholesterol level to avoid cardiovascular problems. My life has changed, I lost over 1 stone and I kept it off and my cholesterol levels are going down. My insulin requirements also reduced. I feel fitter and healthier than I ever was before.

Coaching is about having an accountability partner who can support you through specifically designed program to achieve the best version of yourself. Discover my signature 90 Fabulous over 40 – Total Body Transformation – Intensive Program today. You deserve to live the life to the fullest with optimum energy, fitter and healthier than ever before!

Book 60 min Empowerment Session session with me. This hour will be focused on you and your goals and small steps you can take to start the change TODAY. You will receive a personalised fully plant-based meal plan and 15 min follow up power session one week after the initial one.