The Cabin Camberley What coming up for Christmas


Camberley Net at last got an interview today with Tom who is one of the partners at the Cabin in Camberley. Walking into the cabin, straight away you will get carried into another world. I was amazed at the eclectic groups of antiques and collectibles that adorned the walls, every part of this amazing bar has history and a story behind it.

The Cabin as well as having an amazing atmosphere, put on evening events such as local bands and open mic nights which are always very popular with the locals. Once we finished discussing the bands and surroundings we took the interview outside to the beer garden.

The outside area has a very bohemian feel to it, with fairy lights, a variety of different garden furniture and to complete the ensemble an old non working piano turned into plant holder. To be honest you wouldn’t think you where in the centre of Camberley.

While sitting in this extension of the Cabin we got talking about their cheese emporium business, which is as the rest of the Cabin is something strange and out of the ordinary, but it works.

Tom and I carried on talk once the cameras had stopped rolling about so much more. The Cabin is somewhere we shall be returning very soon.

By Neil Braybrooke-Tidy