So…where do you start?

It can be a minefield of information and totally overwhelming. How do you reduce your plastic usage? How many things do you need to buy? Probably not as many as you might think if you know what you’re looking for.

We found that the best way is to change just one thing at a time. So if you use a lot of kitchen roll, change that first and see how you find it. Go through a load of dish sponges? Then try our dish scrubbies. Not only do these help in your mission to save the planet, they also save you a lot of money…always a little bit of a bonus.

Or would you rather try lots of different products? Then perhaps opt for one of our starter packs. These give you a chance to try several different products before you buy more.

Whether you fancy trying wipes, cloth sanitary pads or a range of home eco-products then there is a set just for you.

Need more info? We’re here to help and guide you to get the right products for your lifestyle.

We have tested all of the products ourselves and worked with feedback from you lovely lot to make sure we have the most practical solutions to your eco problems. Everything we make is designed with practicality and FUN in mind…because fun is just as important to us!

To help you get started why not try using this in the box at the checkout MYJOURNEY19

Our mission is to help you, help us to make a difference to our planet! We’re excited…we want you to be too